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Are Binance, Tron and McAffee in the Crosshairs?

So, you would think that people would learn a lesson from Al Capone, that lesson being “Don’t Piss off the US Government Financial Regulators”! Of course, not everyone is trying to do it on purpose and it may be that because the laws are not clear, people may not have been aware that any laws were broken.

But many lawyers and solicitors have pointed out that ignorance is not an excuse, and it is better to play safe than sorry ESPECIALLY when it comes to financial instruments. But are the SEC, CFTC, and other agencies being as fair as possible? Or are some people just begging for a spanking?

Join the host of Crypto and Blockchain Talk, Aviva Ounap as she talks to Jonathan

Dunsmoor of Dunsmoor Law as they both explore who is operating in a possibly questionable way, and getting the attention of the most powerful agencies in the world.

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