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If you are anything like me, then you should have many questions in mind. In fact, when I first heard the word Bot, I always thought of something that has to do with hardware related yes I mean kind of Robot. In short, Bot is nothing but a program built to help us solve repetitive tasks that we carry out daily.

Bots can be integrated into any channel

Bot, as we are referring to, is also called conversational bot. Conversational Bot has a lot of benefits and they include making appointment one’s behalf, responding to messages and so much more.

Without going further, I know most of us uses Facebook Messenger, and if am right then head over to your search and type Ruuh and as part of your result from the search, Ruuh will pop up with the verified check mark from Facebook.

Click on Ruuh, then start chatting with Ruuh as your friend and Ruuh will be able to keep your company very well. Interesting right?

So now let’s break it down and talk about Microsoft Azure and how powerful it is. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service which has a lot of tools built within it to help developers work much more efficient. Microsoft Azure makes all the impossibilities possible. To learn more about Azure services see this post.

Let build our first Bot with Microsoft Azure by following the steps below.

Go to

If you don’t have an account, simply create a new account from this link and enter the details of your credit card is a requisite and don’t worry Microsoft will not use your card without your concern.

When you are done creating your account, you will receive a reward of $200 and will be notified on deductions per usage. Now that you are login let’s move on to the next step.

If you are new to the portal, don’t get too overwhelmed because as mentioned earlier Microsoft Azure has a lot of usages to offer. On the left panel, you can see the “Create Resource” tab, click on it to open other options for you in the middle panel

Now Click on AI + Machine Learning

AI + Machine Learning indicated with the arrow and next step click on the “Web App Bot” to create a new Bot and enter the details as shown in the picture below when done, click on create and you will have your Bot created.

Web App Bot Details

Now let’s test the Bot. ones you have created your first Bot, you can test it by clicking on the Text in web Chat tab and you can begin testing your chat

Testing your Bot

Congratulations, I am pretty sure it didn’t take you that much to get set up and that is what Microsoft Azure is here to offer.

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