Interesting Python Projects to learn

Developers must try these top Python projects in 2021 for a better future

Python is one of the most in-demand programming languages in 2021 and almost every company has started harnessing Python besides R, JavaScript, and many more. There are innumerable Python projects that aspiring developers or developers at beginner’s level should try to create a successful professional career in this competitive market. Python projects provide practical experience in a real-time environment besides having strong theoretical knowledge. Let’s dig into some of the top Python projects for developers to try in 2021.

Top Python projects for developers

Mad libs generator

Mad libs generator is one of the top Python projects for developers to try in 2021. This is a fun game created for kids through this programming language efficiently and effectively. It helps to gain a clear concept of the Python basics through a series of steps with a GUI Python library. The essential steps include project prerequisites and project file structure that involves additional steps such as importing modules, creating a display GUI window, defining functions, and creating buttons.

Contact book

A contact book is one of the popular Python projects for developers in this programming language with an objective to create a contact book— add a new contact, edit, and delete. It helps developers get a grip on the programming language within a short period of time. This Python project can be created with the Tkinter module as a standard GUI Python library with a source code of this contact book project. The essential steps involved in this project— importing a module, initializing window, defining buttons, as well as functions. Developers learn how to create button widgets, call the functions with buttons, and many more.

Content aggregator

Developers should try this Python project in 2021 known as a content aggregator to gain strong practical experience for a better future. There are multiple functionalities of the project in this programming language— display latest blogs, update Python blogs, update other programming language blogs, update hiring notifications, and COVID-19 news. Developers can build a content aggregator web app through scrapping websites as well as serving the content through this programming language on the web or an app. There are multiple public repositories that help developers in creating this Python project without any external trouble.

URL shortener

A URL shortener is one of the trending Python projects for developers in 2021 with an aim to reduce the length of necessary URLs. Developers can create a Python library to help other users shorten the URL. This library can also help to shorten multiple different URLs in a text format without any trouble in the system. Developers should be aware of the availability of in the working directory and write certain code for this programming language project efficiently.

Site connectivity checker

Developers can start with a site connectivity checker with Python for checking site connection in a background mode. There is a requirement for Python3 and Python libraries with a site connectivity checker repository. Developers can provide the status of a website by visiting the URL through a site connectivity checker project. This Python project helps in visiting the URL on a daily basis to return accurate results efficiently. The socket module helps in achieving this project with docopt, click and argparse frameworks for additional features.

Dice rolling simulation

Dice rolling simulation is one of the top Python projects for developers to try in 2021 through Tkinter. This Python GUI library offers a strong object-oriented interface and it is very easy for developers to use. A dice simulator is known as a simple computer model that can help users roll a dice in a game. Developers can find the source code of this programming language project on multiple sites. There are certain steps to develop these dice successfully— importing the required modules, building a top-level widget, designing essential buttons, forming an image list for display, constructing a label for image, adding buttons, and displaying functions.


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